On the Sacred Mountain


It was her fingertip drawing circles on his bare chest that woke him up. As he opened his eyes, Gem was beaming at him, her jet black hair flowing, almost completely covering his upper body. She leaned in and lightly kissed his cheek, her lips made their way to his ear, where she whispered, “It’s time to wake up sweetheart, today is our big day!”

They were dressed in no time, Gem’s hair was pulled back again as they strapped on their belts, containing the long and shorts knives. Seth could not help but think, how they both wanted their “big day” to be their wedding, some type of ceremony. In fact, he and Gem had talked for hours about it last night, and both were disappointed, that there would be none – at least for now.

“Ceremonies are for couples that have a people…..people that are witnesses, where the village celebrates the union.”, Seer Jambres had said. The Seer also explained, that when they had a group of people again, they should reaffirm their love for each other. Seth remembered the Seer’s smile when he said, “The heavens have approved of you – otherwise you would not be here, together.”

No, their big day would not be their wedding, their big day would be leaving the Sacred Mountain. But were they ready? As they walked the path along the upper ridge they instinctively held hands. Gem paused and looked to her left.

They both saw, in the far distance, the smoke of campfires from the village they had escaped from. She sighed, and said “I do miss some of the people there, but only a few.” Seth nodded but he could not think of anyone he missed. It had been more than a month since they had left the old village, and the oppression.

As they entered the training area, Jambres was waiting for them. “You have trained well my friends.” He continued with, “You are now trained, in the fighting with knives, in the warfare with clubs, and you are both experts now, with the bow.” “But remember to only use them in your defense, or to hunt for food, life is too valuable for anyone to perish needlessly.”

Seer Jambres paused, and sighed. “Now close your eyes and tell me what you see.” The Seer had been helping them to see more with their spirits, their minds. It took a few minutes of deep breathing, but an image came into Seth’s mind. “I see a bow, but not just any bow, a very special one, with arrows…….and somehow the bow speaks!” Gem said, “I see two bows, and they both speak with languages from heaven!”

The Seer smiled with satisfaction. “You will need help during your journey, and the Living Bows will serve you well, guiding you in times of peril.” Seth and Gem were shocked, having only heard of the Living Bows in legends. Seth stammered with, “And they are made from the Jesser trees?”

The Seer nodded and said, “Yes it is time now…” He turned and the two of them followed, instinctively taking each other’s hand.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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