The Journey Begins


Part 3 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was Gem that extended her hand first, as they both heard the Living Bows singing. They had been placed on rocks, in the open air. The singing was some type of heavenly language, and even though they could not make out the words, the sounds were wonderfully beautiful.

“Yes, keep extending your hand….and your heart towards the bow, and ask it to come to you.” Said Jambres, and he continued with, “See yourself as part of the Jesser wood. As Gen continued to concentrate she closed her eyes, and the singing of her bow increased. Without warning the bow flew into the air, and placed itself perfectly into her hand.

The strange thing was the wood began to change where her hand was, fitting perfectly to the shape of her hand. Seer Jambres seemed very pleased, and said, “This bow will always be yours now, and no one, at any time will be able to use it.” Looking at Seth he added, “…..with the possible exception to your love, due to the wonderful bond you already have.”

“If someone else tries to use it, what will happen?”, asked Gem. “It will not work, in fact it will turn to iron…..remember the bow is living.”, came the response. It was Seth’s turn next, and even though it took a little longer, Seth’s bow sang beautifully and responded to his hand. It sang louder and conformed itself with its new owner. 

The bows were like nothing the two of them had ever seen. The wood was the darkest and richest reddish brown wood, with streaks of black. Was the black inlaid – or were these the veins of the Jesser trees? They could not tell.

As the two of them stared at the wondrous bows in their hands, they did not see the atmosphere change around them. The air seemed to wrinkle and waiver. “Ah, your window has arrived!” Still in awe Gem and Seth looked up.

“Remember all that I have taught you young ones. This is what a window looks like. Only you will be able to see it, should you see another, in your life times……” “It will close as soon as you step through….” Jambres seemed sad now. He had grown fond of these two lovers, these dreamers, wanting to live in a better world.

“How will we know where we are, once get there?” Seth was noticeably nervous now. “No one knows, my son, only the One who has made us all.”

As the two of them stepped closer to the window, the wrinkle in the air, Gem turned to Seth with a serious look on her face. “Promise me”, she said, “That you will not take another woman unless I am dead or too injured….” At first, Seth was surprised at her request, but he looked at the window, and then back at her, and said, “I do promise….I swear.”

Gem still serious said, “And I promise the same!” With that the two of them stepped through the window, and were gone.

And in a very real sense, it did become their wedding day.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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