The Creature of the Night


Part 4 of the Sacred Mountain Series

The latest downpour of rain matched their mood perfectly. With the rain pounding there were fewer animal sounds, and death seemed further away, in the pitch black of night. They huddled closer under the one piece of cloth that could protect them. But it was little consolation. It had been 3 days since they landed in their new home, but this was a horrible place.

They slept in trees now, or tried to, climbing as high as they could. It wasn’t safe to sleep on the ground, and they used ropes around their waists in case they turned over in the wrong direction. Seth held his love as she wept, it was all they could do really. The Living Bows had continued pointing west, but Seth lay awake thinking that if they were in this place, of dense tropical forest for more than a week, they would die for certain.

He had just fallen asleep, when the rain stopped, but for some reason a noise woke him. It was the crashing sound through the brush of a very large animal, but strangely the beast was up high, where they were. Seth reached for his bow, pulled away the cloth and loaded an arrow, all within seconds. When he did, Gem woke up, whispering, “What’s the matter??” And then she heard it.

And then the soft mumbling sound they had been hearing for more than a day came closer, through the trees. A head appeared or something like a head, which was purple, a dark purple with long black hair appeared. It gave the impression of being female.

The creature stared at them, and they could see it was something like a bird, and a human combined. They saw her mouth moving as the soft mumbles continued. She was trying to talk to them in some way, but they had no idea what she was saying.

“Try using your bow to interpret…” whispered Gem. Seth thought the idea was ridiculous, but did ask without saying a word, for the bow to interpret the language. And then he could hear it. He motioned for Gem to do the same, and they could hear words now saying, “Are you pilgrims?” The creature leaned in further, and they could both see blue and red streaks within the purple skin.

Seth nodded yes, and said “Yes, and who are you…”. The creature, now quite happy to understand the strangers, harrumphed and said, “I am the Queen of this place and this is my home!” “But if you are pilgrims, I will let you live.”

Gem was quick to respond with, “Yes we are pilgrims, and we are trying to find our place!” The creature nodded, and turned to leave, saying, “I will not help you though.” “Find your own way!”

And before they could yell after the creature, to ask for directions, the Living Bows stopped them, speaking to their hearts.

Through the creature of the night, the bows had sensed there was very good land, just two days away.


To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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