The Grasslands


Part 5 of the Sacred Mountain Series

They were exhausted. But on the second day, the forest was giving way, and the sun was breaking through the trees. The brush was noticeably thinner. Seth and Gem were beginning to sense that darkness was also leaving them internally. Gem smiled for the first time in days. 

And yet there was a final insult from the creature of the night, the one they nicknamed, the Bird Woman. Just before they walked down the final trail, they heard a crashing through the trees above them, and the mumbling of the Bird Woman’s language. The Living Bows gave them the interpretation, “Good riddens – pilgrims!”

Gem and Seth just looked at each other, and quickened their pace. When they did clear the forest they were rewarded with a glorious sight. 

They came out onto an endless sea of grasslands, complete with antelope running, and birds flying high in the bright blue sky. It was in fact, a dream come true. 

They walked for sometime, noticing the birds, and some small furry animals, that were mostly digging holes. There were several birds of prey, and one particulary large one, but none of them posed any threat to the two lovers as they walked.

Perhaps because they felt so safe, Gem stopped walking. Seth could tell right away what was going on with her, by simply looking at the her eyes. He drew close, and they held each other for a long time.

It had been almost too much for them to handle. Growing up within slavery on the home world, and the dark savagery of the tropical forest had pushed them to their limits. But there were no Guardians here, and no animals threatened them. So it was a time of holding each other, and for being thankful.

They walked for several more hours, to get as far away as they could, from the danger of the forest, but they found a good place to stop, near some trees and a stream.

Gem started a fire while Seth found some wild vegetables, including several root vegetables. They washed them and then roasted them over the fire. It was the best meal they had had in their new home.

After bathing themselves, the two lovers fell asleep, in each others arms……too tired to even think about making love.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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