Enjoying the Creation


Part 6 of the Sacred Mountain Series

But they did discover each other as young lovers often do. Over the next several days, their lips searched and their arms held each other, as the sounds of love making drifted, across the grasslands. They bathed frequently in the stream next to where they slept.

Seth loved to watch her basking in the sunlight, with her long supple form, stretched out over the rocks. Her jet black hair dripping, falling over her shoulders and arms, while the ends dangled, and danced in the sparkling water. Was he dreaming? It was all real, and he wanted it to never end.

And for Gem, she loved being here, and with the one she had chosen to love. There was no slavery, no being forced to marry a man that she hated, like in her village on the old world. She shivered as she thought briefly of how women had been treated, under the watchful eyes of the Guardians.

From the rocks she turned to look at her love. He was unbelievably handsome as he roasted vegetables over the open fire, and a smile crept across her face. She thought of caressing him, and running her fingers through his curly hair.

But Seth had been thinking a lot lately about something Seer Jambres had said. The seer had talked about a Creator. He and Gem had never discussed it really. He often thought about his love for Gem, and was that created too?

After eating one night, as the sun was going down, he decided to ask her. Gem came for him and snuggled in his arms, pushing him backwards. They both chuckled. She started drawing circles on his chest like she often did, but Seth bravely interrupted her with, “Do you think everything is created….like the Seer told us?”

She looked up, and locked eyes with his. Seeing he was serious, she said, “Of course My Love, just look around you…..and our love too…..was also made.” She could not hold back a smile. Seth thought about this for a while, without saying anything. He put his head back, and closed his eyes. In fact, he fell asleep with the idea of being created, running through his mind.

Gem fell asleep too, in her favorite spot, with her head on his bare chest, listening…… to his heartbeat.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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