The Arrow that Cracked the Sky


Part 7 of the Sacred Mountain Series

The next morning they woke up late, and started their day by bathing in the stream. Seth was just about to kiss her, but as his lips drew closer, a strange noise came from the shore, from the area of the Living Bows. They jumped out of the stream throwing their clothes on without drying off, while grabbing their weapons with their free hand.

It was a horrible noise, and it was coming directly from the Bows! They had never heard such a thing before, it was like some type of alarm. As soon as they could concentrate both Gem and Seth sensed great danger. The Bows said look to the right – “Look to the right!”

When they did look to the right, the two of them got the shock of their lives. A creature that looked something like spider, including having 8 legs, only much larger, was staring at them! It was easily twice their size, and appeared to have the face of a human – in fact it was the face of a man sneering, and the horrible thing was hissing!

Instinctively the two of them loaded the Living Bows, and pulled them back in a flash, expecting the worst sort of attack. Both pointed their arrows directly at the creature’s face. Even just a twitch would release certain death on the thing.

Out of the corner of her eye, Gem could see her love’s huge arm muscles taunt and ready to fire. His bow was larger than hers, but her arm muscles were as strong as they had ever been, and she knew she was faster than Seth when it came to reloading.

The Living Bows were saying loudly to the two of them to fire. “Let go!” “Fire!” “You need to fire, and reload!” they kept yelling. Instead Seth spoke to the creature, “Get back now or we will kill you for sure!” Suddenly the creature’s eyes grew wide, while Gem’s fingers began slipping from the bow string. The bow seemed to be taking over, and it was all she could do to not fire.

The creature was no longer snickering, but had eyes now filled with fear. “Wait!” It yelled. “Wait….. you are pilgrims!” Gem’s string fingers could not keep the Living Bow from firing, and her fingers slipped. At the last second all she could do was pull her bow up, pointing at the sky.

While the arrow flew high, no one noticed her place another arrow in her bow, as she stared at the creature. But they all looked up as the arrow began to sizzle, and still it flew higher, catching fire. Still climbing higher they all looked as the arrow was no longer visible.

But the fire was visible, and seemed to go higher as it did, great clouds began to gather. Suddenly there was an explosion. Huge clouds of purple, gray, and black gathered and exploded all at one.

There was lightning, and great thunder…. and the sky unleashed a torrential downpour. Gem ignored the sky now though, and watched the creature closely, still holding the arrow pointed at its face. Seth and Gem did not understand what happened with the sky, but both were still ready to defend themselves.

But the creature had changed its demeanor, and even stranger, it spoke, “Forgive me pilgrims, I had no idea who you were…. I apologize.” With that, the creature actually bowed to Gem, and then to Seth, as if they were royalty. It backed away, and then ran with all 8 legs, as fast as it could, into the pouring rain.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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