The Mysterious Old Woman


Part 8 of the Sacred Mountain Series

As the rain began to let up, Seth asked Gem again, “Are you sure you saw an old woman??” Gem was getting offended now, and said, “Yeees I’m sure!” She pointed in the direction of some trees across the grasslands, and continued with, “She was over there, leaning on a walking stick.” “I saw her face in a flash of lightning.”

Seth looked at her. He knew they couldn’t stay here anymore, it was too dangerous now, with spider people walking around. “Well lets head over there and see what we can find.”, he said.

Gem began to tear up when they gathered their gear. “I loved it here Seth, I know we can’t stay….but this was our first home!” After embracing, they headed towards where the old woman had been. They saw her tracks in the mud, and just as the sky was beginning to clear, Gem yelled, “Look! There she is!”

Sure enough when Seth looked up the old woman was on a distant hill, watching them. As soon as the old woman saw them both noticing her, she turned and walked away. “Wait!” they yelled, then Seth and Gem both began running.

The old woman was the first human being they had seen, since coming to their new planet. At least she looked like a human being! Gem did have the idea that maybe the woman was not human, but she said nothing. And then the old woman vanished over the other side of the hill.

And by the time they got there, the old woman was on the flatlands, almost a mile away! Seth said out loud, “She could not be that fast!” Gem countered with, “What if she’s leading us into a trap?” They both stood there, watching the old woman, considering giving up, when the old woman turned around, and looked at them. Gem whispered, “She sees we’re not moving.”

But the old woman waved them towards her, making it crystal clear that she wanted them to follow. And this went on for hours, the old woman somehow traveling, without them seeing her move fast at all, and Seth and Gem running to keep up with her.

But at some point Seth and Gem smelled smoke, a cooking fire type of smoke. Was it roasted vegetables they were smelling? And then over the crest of a hill, there it was – a village! And yet there was something different about the people walking around. They all looked the same! Or almost the same.

They had a huge amount of thick, light brown hair, down past their waist, and they wore the same light brown and dark brown clothing. The old woman who was more like Seth and Gem, stood in the middle of the village, but no one seemed to notice her.

She smiled though at the two young lovers that had followed her, and they could hear her speak, but her lips did not move. The old woman said, “Enjoy your time with the Farm People.” “They are good people and you will be safe here.”

And Gem and Seth both sensed, they would see the old woman again. They weren’t sure how, but they knew it for sure. And then the old woman disappeared.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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