The Hair of the Farm People


Part 9 of the Sacred Mountain Series

There was something special about the Farm People’s hair that was deeply spiritual. Gem and Seth could not figure out exactly how it worked, but there seemed to be a deep spirituality, that came from the soil, and through the people, that made them so incredibly gentle.

And they combed their hair, on a regular basis, never letting it be tangled. It flowed mostly down their backs, but some flowed in very thick strands, in front of their bodies, and it was always to their waists. Both men and women always had their hair the same, with only slight variations. At times, children’s hair was not as neat, but it was never allowed to be a mess.

And these were the most gentle people Gem and Seth had ever seen. In the two weeks since they had arrived, the two of them had not seen even one weapon among the people. There were some sticks, and something like a club, but these were only used to scare away animals from their crops, usually by banging two of the sticks together.

To say that the young couple were welcomed into the village would be an understatement. Each night the two of them often lay awake whispering, discussing their welcome to the village, or something new they had discovered about the people they were growing to love.

When they first arrived they had just stood watching the people, until someone noticed them. They were standing on a slight hill, when one of the Farm People gasped, and dropped the vase of water she had been carrying. Her eyes grew wide, and her mouth dropped open, as everyone else turned to look.

Gem and Seth stood still, until a woman that appeared to be a leader, approached them alone, bowing slightly as she walked. Seth shifted slightly, and brought his bow more to the front of his body. It was a self-conscious move really, one more of caution, but not aggression.

And that was when the leader dropped to her knees suddenly, yelling some words they could not understand, and the rest of the village, did the same, each one having a look of awe on their faces. The only thing the young couple understood from that first day was the Living Bows interpreting two words the Farm People said many times, “Dear Pilgrims!”

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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