Living in the Village


Part 10 of the Sacred Mountain Series

As they lay awake listening to the insects chirping, and the village growing quiet, they could still hear a few children crying in the distance. Gem placed her head on her favorite place, Seth’s bare chest, but Seth could tell she had something she wanted to share. He whispered, “So tell me…..what it is!”

She smiled and said, “When I went to the river today, I saw several of the women bathing.” “They have skin, but their hair!…..” She continued with, “There is a straight line of hair that comes out of their back….meaning down their spine.” Seth was amazed. Gem went on to explain that they did not care who saw them.

“I love this people Seth.” There it was, she said it, but hadn’t meant to. Seth said he felt the same, “But why are we here if we are trained to be warriors and seers?” It was a topic they had been thinking about since they arrived. They wanted to stay here, but would they be able to fit in? “And why do they keep looking at the Living Bows?”, he said.

Still, Gem and Seth loved working in the fields with the Farm People, as they began to learn their language and ways. And to keep even more fit, they ran in the evening, and practiced with clubs far from the village, before bathing in the river.

It was the next day that the old woman appeared again, and this time the villagers did see her. The whole village seemed to erupt into a joyous uproar when she arrived. The old woman, was smiling from ear to ear when she finally laid eyes on the two warriors. “I hear many good things about the two of you!” “Come we need to talk, and to be introduced.”

As she headed towards the house with a thatched roof, where Gem and Seth slept, she continued with, “And by the way, my name is Jannis,” turning to look at the couple she had brought to the village, “And some say…. I am a Seer.”

As they walked Seth asked, “A Seer….do you know Jambres?” Jannis responded with, “Of course I know Jambres – he is my brother!”


To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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