And Their Hesitant Wings Lifted Them


Part 11 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was during the community circle meal, that the Seer noticed a woman, a Farm Person, watching Seth. Jannis was sitting between Gem and Seth and felt free to speak to them in their language from the old world. She said, “I see you have bonded wonderfully with the Farm People.”

“But do not grow so attached as to become romantic…” as she pointed her head to the one admiring Seth. Both Gem and Seth were shocked, theirs mouths dropping open. Gem stammered over her words, “But does she love…..Seth?” The Seer was quick to respond, “Not a love as you know it, their love is more of a Oneness, a spiritual experience first, which then reaches in…and then in the end it becomes physical.” “It’s more like the soil, and plant coming together to produce a union.”

Seth had no idea really what that meant, but it sounded beautiful. Realizing she had made the young couple nervous, Jannis continued quickly, “Do not worry, the Farm People and their gentleness, touches everything here, and she would never interfere with the bond between the two of you.” The two lovers were relieved.

As plates of roasted vegetables moved around the circle, there was lively conversation and smiles. Seth always loved hearing the language of these wonderful people, which was lyrical, having a musical up – then back down quality. And then Seer Jannis said something neither Gem nor Seth were expecting, “Your great love for the people will help you protect them.”

It was Seth’s turn to stammer now, “Protect them??” “Yes you are here to protect this beautiful culture and people from violence….to be truthful they need protection.” Jannis then shared all about the other peoples of their new planet.

Jannis continued, “The spiders, are not actually people, they are creatures that have been cursed because of the evil they have done, and there are warriors here, much like yourselves, that have their own culture.” “Their one responsibility is to protect the Farm People.” “The Farm People are the original inhabitants, going back to the foundation of the world.” “There is one more group of people….but you look very tired now….”

Maybe it was all the news of their responsibility, or maybe it was the fermented fruit drink they had gulped down, but they suddenly became so tired they could hardly stay awake. And in their dreams Jannis was telling them that the Living Bows could help them fly, short distances, but extremely effective in the heat of a battle.

Both saw clouds and wings, as they dreamed and pledged themselves to protect – the people they so loved.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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