Of Warriors and Vagabonds


Part 12 of the Sacred Mountain Series

They both hated the idea of war. As much as they loved the gentleness of the Farm People, they hated the idea of killing anyone, or anything, in order to protect them.

It had been a month now, since the Seer Jannis had left again, and nobody knew where she had gone. One rumor was that she had gone to the Dark Forest to keep an eye on the Queen there, the one Gem and Seth called the Bird Woman.

But the two of them did keep up their routine, of helping the Farm People in the fields most of the day, and running in the late afternoon. They also fought with clubs without hurting each other. Gem was always faster with clubs and often pulled back her blows, while Seth was too worried about hitting her, to actually be effective.

And they practiced flying with the Living Bows, which they really loved. After one workout, Seth remarked, “It seems like the bows are gaining strength too!” The bows were living after all, and the idea made sense. Seth was especially good at flying in the air, and firing with the bow at the same time, using tree stumps as targets.

And their love did not diminish one bit. After bathing in the river, they often made love, either in the tall grass, or behind some trees. Their favorite place to hide away though, was between two large rocks. They felt safe there and it was very private. They really thought the homes were just too close together, in the village.

One night, in the early morning, as the village was still sleeping, the Living Bows started sounding the alarm for danger. It was a horrible screeching noise that only Gem and Seth could hear. They dressed quickly, remembering the last time the bows had warned them about the giant spider creature. No one else stirred in the village.

As they poked their heads through the door they saw nothing and decided to split up, to walk around. “Remember we can fly if we need to….” Seth murmured. Gem nodded her head yes, as they began walking silently in different directions.

Within a few seconds the screaming began, it was a woman’s voice and several small children. He had never heard a Farm Person scream before, but he instinctively knew it was them. It was on the far side of the village.

Seth closed his eyes and got a sense there was another gigantic spider creature, he could sense its evil presence…..but there was more….perhaps several people involved…..but they were not Farm People. Without missing a beat, Seth lifted his Living Bow high into the sky, which lifted him….. into the dark night.


To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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