Of Warriors and Vagabonds – Part II


Part 13 of the Sacred Mountain Series

Gem was already in the air, and the two of them headed towards the screaming. Being so high, it was easy to find the two men carrying away a mother, and a small child. Seth began burning with anger. But somehow, the men did not seem to be normal. They were beastlike, and maybe even unaware of what they were doing.

And suddenly there it was —- to the left, hiding in some bushes near the tree line. The hideous combination, of monster, and spider, with a human face contorted. It would be easy to kill this thing he thought. Gem motioned to him that she would circle around.

Still undetected, Seth hovered directly above the spider creature, as he pulled the Living Bow back as far as he could, loaded with the arrow he had made. Without hesitating, he let it fly perfectly into the belly and heart of the thing, nailing it firmly into the soil. There was only a brief death scream from the creature, for within a second the arrow exploded with fire.

Seth knew it was the Living Bow deciding to completely destroy the evil. It burned quickly, with a sickening smell of sulfur, and suddenly it was gone, except for the smoldering residue. The two men still held their Farm People bounty, but not for long.

With a booming voice from the sky, apparently magnified by the bow, Seth yelled, “Let them go!” Shocked that anyone would talk to them from the sky, and having just seen their slave master perish. The two men dropped their victims, and fled to the east.

Seth was now pointing another arrow, and slowly let himself back down to the ground. He knew he could easily take the life of both men within seconds. But they were different now……as if they were real, and at least somewhat human. He even sensed their fear.

Still raging with anger, he didn’t realize that almost the entire village had gathered behind him and had watched the scene of evil defeated. He still held his bow in position, and considered releasing the arrow. It was Gem, touching his arm that released him from taking the attacker’s lives.

She said, “No, My Love, they are unarmed……and we do not kill that way…..did you sense the difference in them after you killed the beast??” “They are free now of that slavery!”

It was true, and he pointed his bow down, towards the soil, unloading the arrow. It was then that the village erupted, and ran towards the victims of the attack. Seth was understanding more of the language now, and could hear the words, “healing”, and “healing ceremony”.

The Farm People gathered in one of the greatest expressions of love he had ever seen. There was crying and embracing, and words of comfort were given to the victims, and they took the two to the center of village, for more embracing and words of encouragement.

And there was healing, and the Farm People, once again could feel connected to the soil, and get back to the business……of growing food.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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