As the Sunrise Shed Glorious Light


Part 14 of the Sacred Mountain Series

In the morning, as the sunrise shed glorious light over the thatched roofs, the village continued to celebrate the healing, of a mother and her young daughter. Seth found himself talking with the leader of the Farm People, a woman by the name of Yanu Alunai. She had the thickest hair of all the people, which had long streaks of grey mixed in with light brown.

The two had talked often before, but this time it was much different, in that Yanu Alunai had tears in her eyes, as she thanked Seth for not only doing away with the spider creature, but sparing the lives of the two men running away. They were innocent Vagabonds, she said. She too noticed, that they had been in the clutches of the spider creature, through their spirits.

Out of the corner of his eye, Seth could see Gem holding the little girl they had saved, and talking to the mother. “Thank you Gem…..thank you…..”, he could hear her say. He noticed the mother holding Gem’s free hand as they spoke. What Gem and Seth did not realize, was that the holding of hands while speaking, was a type of bonding for the Farm People, reserved only for those they thought of….. as their own.

A few minutes later a team of warriors came barreling into the village riding huge drooling animals made mostly of rippling muscles and fat, with a little bit of skin thrown over them. Gem and Seth found out later the animals were called “brundles”, and that for the most part they were gentle, “For the most part??” questioned Gem.

The Farm People surrounded the warriors, whom they loved, and started all talking at once, telling them of the victory over evil, and that “pilgrims” were here in the village. As they dismounted the leader of the warriors approached Gem, and glanced at Seth. She was a tall woman, with long black hair much like Gems, but in four long braids. “May I see your bows?” she said. Gem quickly removed hers from her back, but holding on firmly she showed the warriors her bow, while Seth did the same.

The warriors immediately went to their knees bowing. And the leader said, “I’m sorry for doubting you are ‘pilgrims’, but the excitement of the Farm People was unusual…” After the formalities and introductions, the warrior leader asked to go walking with Gem and Seth.

Her name was Laluth and as the three of them headed to the river, she explained why everyone, even spider creatures bowed to pilgrims. “It is mostly due to the Living Bows you carry.” “The Jesser tree has not been seen on this planet for a millennium, but we all know instantly what they look like.” “More importantly, the bows not only contain the greatest of all power, but we know the bond between the bows and the people carrying them, is a sacred bond.” “It will never be broken.”

Laluth continued to explain that Gem and Seth were very much bonded with the great life force…..of creation, which was sacred indeed.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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