And it is a River Flowing


Part 15 of the Sacred Mountain Series

To be honest, the two of them were glad when the warriors left. It was Gem that said it first, “We look like the warriors, and we are supposed to be warriors Seth, but…..well…..I just don’t like the warriors here that much.” They had just finished working in the fields for the day, and were about to go for their run.

Seth sighed deeply, because Gem said exactly what he had been thinking. He continued her thoughts with, “And I don’t like the way Laluth insisted on us leaving with them, as if we had no choice.” Gem shook her head in agreement.

Neither one said it, as they began running, but they both knew they would be fighting the darkness again within the spider creatures, and maybe there was a way to defeat them entirely, breaking the curses. But they would live here with the Farm People. It was what they both wanted, because they loved them.

But Seth felt he needed to talk to someone. The Seer Jannis was nowhere to be found. And although Gem was perfectly content with who they were as a couple, and living in the community with the most gentle people they had ever met, Seth wanted guidance. And he knew exactly who he wanted it from, the leader of the Farm People, Yanu Alunai.

“May we walk?” Seth asked her later. This was always the way the people asked if they could talk to each other. She was surprised to see him when he showed up at her door, but she smiled and said, “Yes of course.”

As they walked towards the river Seth asked, “Were you surprised we did not leave with the warriors?” With a smile Yanu Alunai said, “No my son – may I call you my son?” Seth was honored, and “Yes of course…” came stumbling out of his mouth.

As they stood by the river,  Yanu Alunai’s light brown hair with grey streaks blew softly in the breeze. “Your destiny is much different than anyone else here.” “We all sense that about you.”

There was so much he wanted to ask her, a million questions came all at once, but before he had a chance to say anything, she took his hands, and looked into his eyes. Light seemed to dance through his soul, so that he could only see the light, but he heard her voice saying, “The answers you seek are in the river, the creation you see dancing, is a river Seth.” “Simply feel the river.”

And suddenly he could see – so much more than he had ever seen before…..


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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