Searching for the Seer


Part 16 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It had been more than 2 weeks of traveling to get to these mountains. But Seth and Yanu Alunai, had both sensed that the spirit of the Seer Jannis was getting weaker. She did not have much time left, and it was important for the young couple to see her before she passed away.

Yanu Alunai said that there was something the Seer must do, or impart to Gem, but she would not describe any further about what it was. No one called Seth a Seer yet, but it was known now that he could “sense” things. It was this sensing that led Gem and Seth far from the Farm People village, and into the mountains.

They were nearing the end of their journey now, and the brundles were just about worthless. In spite of their huge frames, they were exhausted. Gem and Seth had ridden them across the Great Grasslands, into the foothills, and now to the base of the mountains. And besides that, their feet and legs were not made for climbing mountains. They were grasslands creatures.

It was a windy day, and the weather was turning colder. Gem and Seth decided to set the animals free, and to begin the climb higher without them. “We need to find her soon…..the weather is changing!” Seth yelled above the wind.

As they began to climb, with their Living Bows strapped to their backs, Seth began to think of the time that Yanu Alunai had opened his eyes, or helped him to see – he wasn’t sure what to call his gifting now. But he knew things, and he knew they would find the Seer this very day.

Gem saw the difference in her Love, the same day it happened, but it only made her love and admire him even more. She wondered if he was a Seer now, was that part of who they were becoming? And she wondered if she would be a Seer as well when they found Seer Jannis. Would she be passing on the torch?

And they both missed the Farm People, and the village. Gem wanted, longed to be alone, with her Love but he seemed so focused on accomplishing this goal…. before it was too late.

Seth only thought once, of the Farm woman that occasionally watched him, and her reaction on the day his eyes were opened. She stared at him with her own piercing eyes that day, as if she could see some of, or all of his soul. It was never sensual, but he felt her spirit infused into his. It was the strangest thing he had ever felt. He hadn’t had time yet to ask Yanu Alunai what it all meant.

It was a treacherous climb, much worse than the climb on their old planet. Their clothing was thin and it began to tear on the rocks. Their hands became brittle from the wind. Scraping and bleeding only made the effort worse. But then suddenly, they were there – at the entrance to a cave. As they peered in, they could see the light of a thousand candles, as they had with the Seer Jambres.

Outside it began to snow, and inside a weak Seer Jannis said, “There you are!” I’ve been wondering where you’ve been…..” “I’m blind now children, come in quickly – we have much to do!”

She continued with, “In the morning both the storm, and I will have passed……”


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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