Two Seers Gifted


Part 17 of the Sacred Mountains Series

The next morning the sun was very warm, and began melting the snow quickly. The two of them buried the old Seer in some rocks at the top of them mountain, and as they looked out over the horizon, life had suddenly become very different for both of them.

Gem had received the gift of spiritual sight, and a double portion of the spirit of Seer Jannis. It was the first thing the old Seer accomplished, by holding Gem’ hands and looking into her eyes. Jannis had been quick to impart the gift, in case her strength had failed her.

It was only then that they spent hours talking, and Jannis, who was growing increasingly weak, explained to Seth his gifting. Before leaving their old planet the Seer Jambres had gifted Seth, with a double portion of his spirit, but had decided to leave it dormant for Seth to discover. And it wasn’t until Jambres had died, that Seth’s gift began to flourish.

Jannis had passed away holding Gem’s hand. But now as Gem and Seth were descending the mountain, they had visions of their home village, and the Farm People. And they instinctively knew there were a thousand villages just the same, with tens of thousands of people.

And in visions they saw the evil lurking, the cursed ones that followed an ancient king, who had no light in him at all. They knew now how many spider creatures existed, and their horrible spiritual slavery of the Vagabonds. This had to be stopped.

There was so much to see in visions! Before they knew it, they were at the bottom of the mountain, and both of them thought of something Jannis had told them last night. “And your love will change dear ones….” As they began the journey home without riding the brundles, Seth asked his love, “Gem, what do you think Jannis meant when she said our love would change?”

Gem stopped walking, then came close to the one she could not live without, looked into his questioning face, resting her arms on his shoulders, she said, “Seeing things most people do not, means we will have to make time for each other…….for making love…..but I have the feeling (as a smile began to spread across her face) that it will be like….. two smaller fires becoming one large fire! And they kissed for the first time in many days.

They spent most of their journey walking back home, planning the attack against evil. But Gem also mentioned her jealousy over the Farm Woman attaching her spirit to Seth. Even though could both see it now more as another gifting, they would need to talk to Yanu Alunai about it. Was it right?

And they spent most of their nights, in the trees of the foothills, having built a fire, huddled together with blankets from Jannis. Sometimes they actually tried turning the “Seeing” off, in order to discover each other once again.

One of their favorite topics was the Vagabonds, and not only that they were mistreated, but they stole in order to live. As they walked one day, Gem suggested trying to “See” their history. As they concentrated they saw visions of a dying planet, and as millions perished from self-destruction, the Creator sent windows through which the people could escape.

A few hundred had made it to this planet only some 50 years ago. And the planet they were from, was called…..…Earth.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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