The Attack


Part 18 of the Sacred Mountain Series

There was an evil presence now, and it was getting closer. It had been 5 days since they had buried the Seer Jannis, and they were still more than a week away from their home, and the Farm People. Gem and Seth walked quickly now, and turned, placing the approaching army on their left.

They sensed the same large number of spider creatures, who everyone called the Cursed Ones. Gem whispered, “They are moving faster now!” Seth could not understand why they would come after the two of them, and he said, “Why would they attack us… wasn’t that long ago that one of them bowed down to us!”

“I think we’ve been betrayed Seth!” “By at least one of the warriors in the village we stopped at.”, Gem replied. They had stopped at a warrior village just a few days ago, and the two of them felt something wasn’t right about them. Somehow there was a darkness they hadn’t expected. And now the Cursed Ones were closing in.

And then the evil creatures began breaking through a group of trees some 50 yards away. “Maybe they somehow know we are Seers now!”, Seth yelled. Gem turned and said, “My Love, they are here to test our abilities, to see how much power we have!” They both agreed they would not use flying or the sight of a Seer during the battle. They would save the best – for the larger battle to come, in the killing of the evil one.

While Gem and Seth agreed to use a method of battle called replicating, taught to them by the Seer Jambres, a huge spider creature with a contorted human face stepped forward through the brush. Nine others quickly joined him, but stayed just behind the leader.

Earlier, the two of them sensed 40 of the hideous creatures, hopefully there were not more. With the voice of a snarling animal, the leader said, “Hello pilgrims……or should I say ‘Seers!’ “You will die this very day.”

Gem and Seth began to spread out to the side, while loading their Living Bows. At first they both pointed the arrows at the leader’s hideous face, but they saw more creatures breaking through the brush. In one simultaneous motion their bows pointed to the sky and they mouthed the words, “Replicate 5!” The arrows were launched, as the first group of 10 Cursed Ones charged the young couple.

The arrows quickly disappeared into the heavens, and fell to the earth igniting with fire, having been replicated to 10 instruments of death. Without waiting, Gem and Seth reloaded, and launched their arrows, yelling for another replication of 5 each. The first group of Cursed Ones were so close that Seth threw a short knife straight into the eye of the leader, stopping it in its tracks. The hideous thing screamed.

But within seconds the first group of 10 flaming arrows found their targets, piercing into the middle of each beast, exploding into flames. Gem and Seth launched their third wave of replicating arrows into the sky, when Seth heard noise behind him, it was the sound of wings beating, and the breathing of an animal.

Gem screamed just as Seth turned to see the largest bird of prey, either of them had ever seen. It was easily 3 times his size. It was too late for him react, as the huge bird grabbed him within its talons, piercing the flesh of both of his shoulders. In a split second, the huge bird lifted off, beating its wings vigorously, carrying Seth away as his prize.

“Seth!”, Gem screamed his name, as she instantly reloaded her Living Bow…..


To be continued this weekend!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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