As the War Rages


Part 19 of the Sacred Mountain Series

Gem hesitated for only a second, as the huge bird of prey carrying Seth, headed for the Cursed Ones. Realizing that killing the horrible thing would drop him in the smoldering flames, of the dead creatures, and that more were still headed his way, she let the arrow fly, praying for her Love.

Simultaneously her arm was a blur as she let another arrow fly into the heavens, for the fourth wave of flaming arrows while yelling, “Replicate 10!” She had never tried to replicate that many at once before, and she hoped it would work. She could see through the flames, that the Cursed Ones were closing in on Seth.

And then suddenly there was an explosion of fire in the sky, as her arrow from the Living Bow, hit the bird carrying Seth. He dropped suddenly amidst a ball of fire and a shower of feathers. Fortunately he didn’t have far to fall, and he was still conscience enough to see one of the Cursed Ones approaching quickly.

As the Cursed One got closer, the hideous monster shot at Seth with its webbing, tying him up, but not before he was able to reload another arrow, and he yelled, “Eat this….creature!” He didn’t have much strength left, but his aim was perfect, and the arrow from the Living Bow went straight into the creature’s mouth, down his throat, catching fire as it shredded the beast’s insides.

It exploded quickly. Flames burnt Seth’s skin, and residue from the stinking animal covered him. By this time Gem was running towards him, when the third wave of flaming arrows found their targets killing, and exploding the Cursed Ones instantly. While her fourth wave was still falling, Gem could see more of the hideous beasts headed straight for Seth.

“Seth!, Seth!” she kept yelling. Seth was beginning to lose conciseness, when he saw that the talons from the bird of prey were still piercing his skin and holding on, minus the rest of the bird’s body. Gem’s Living Bow sounded an alarm, and spoke (not audibly) that there was danger in the sky.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw three more birds of prey, exactly like the first one, diving for the two of them. “Bow!” was all she had time to yell. Her drawing arrows, loading, and firing them, was so quick, that all of the birds were on fire within seconds.

It was then that the final wave of flaming arrows from heaven, landed squarely on each Cursed One that was still living, or so Gem thought. They each exploded with fire.

She was shocked when she made it to Seth and saw what he looked like. He was laying on the ground burnt, and covered in remains, having 2 sets of talons still embedded in his shoulders. Tears streamed down her face.

“One is trying to run away – to my left….”, was all he could whisper. Gem looked up and saw the thing hobbling, perhaps she could not replicate 10 arrows at once, after all. She looked around, looked at Seth, yelled to her Living Bow, “Bow watch the sky!” and took off running.

It was then that Seth had a vision, of the Farm Woman at the village that had watched him previously, and had joined her spirit to his. He knew her name now, it was Yoni Malu, and he could see her at the village. She was crying, and screaming to everyone in the village, that Seth was hurt.

And she had seen the battle……through his eyes……and then Seth went unconscious.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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