A Gentle Blending to Recover


Part 20 of the Sacred Mountain Series

She pushed away her anger and her grief. She began tearing their clothing, to make a harness for Seth, who was still unconscious. Smoke and fire were all around them, and they were engulfed in the stinking smell, the nauseating smell, of sulfur. She needed to get them both out of there, while they still could.

Placing the harness under his arms, and then around her chest, she realized he was heavier than she thought. She could not carry him on her back, but when she bent over, in a crouching position she could shift his weight towards her shoulders.

It would be time soon to practice a new skill, to bring healing to Seth, but first she walked them both a little at a time, taking small steps, towards a group of trees. Once she made it there she collapsed. She was not only was exhausted, but she did not want to be strong at all right now.

She wanted to feel safe in his arms, placing her head on his chest, listening to him tell her that everything would be alright. But it was not alright, and she needed to move them again, she sensed danger was getting closer. And she needed to tend to his wounds.

Once again she hoisted him on her back and crouched to carry him. He stirred, and mumbled something she couldn’t make out. “We are almost there My Love”, which was a lie, because she was taking them further away, and into what looked like a forest.

She allowed herself to use the sensing gift briefly, and she could see in the forest, that there was a stream they could use, to wash. And in her gifting, she could also sense several healing herbs that would do wonders for Seth’s wounds, including one that would help to stop the bleeding.

As she struggled to make it to the forest, she sensed evil getting closer, so she picked up her pace. Once she made it there she found the stream about 50 yards into the trees. She stopped sensing and got Seth into the cold stream which woke him up in a hurry.

And then the she knew the evil one was on the battlefield. Talking in an agitated, but soft voice, she said “Seth! Seth, listen to me…. we need to use the blending with nature, that Jannis showed us!” Are you listening?” Seth sleepily responded with, “Why…” “Just do it Seth…now!” and the two of them laid down and began to focus on the soil, and the plants, and the stream.

They blended so beautifully with the forest, they could not be seen. Gem told Seth to keep his feet in the stream in order to keep him awake. Since they were so completely invisible, Gem sat up briefly and peered through some bushes, towards the battlefield.

It was there, the evil one which was at first barely visible, moving as if there was a wrinkle in the air, but there was the blackest of blacks seeping through and could be seen as the creature looked around. She knew it was trying to find the two of them!

When the thing looked in Gem’s direction, she shrank back, and disappeared even further into the soil.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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