Restoration and Revelation


Part 21 of the Sacred Mountain Series

And the blending brought strength and rest to the both of them. The Seer Jannis had told them, that she often blended in order to rest, and that it was sometimes better than sleeping. They stayed one with the creation, and invisible for some time, often whispering through the leaves, or in the water dancing over rocks.

Seth was especially healing well, and at one point he could will some of the healing, as his part of creation could tell the talons in his shoulders to let go. Once they did let go, they fell off of him, visibly falling from the rocks he had disappeared into, as they tumbled into the stream.

Day turned into night, and then into day again. Once during the night, they had both sensed evil scanning the area, as if it could see from a distance, but now there was nothing.

“Gem I can speak to the Farm People.” Seth shared early in the morning. He explained to Gem that through the spirit of Yoni Malu he let them know where they were, that they had been wounded, but they did not trust the warriors because they believed they had been betrayed.

Gem harrumphed but grudgingly said, “Well at least that bond was good for something…..” she was still jealous over the Farm Woman that somehow attached her spirit to Seth, even though it wasn’t physical. “Seth we should come out of the blending, there is a danger with staying in it for too long.”

When they came out of the rocks, and trees, and stream, they were visible again. Gem was still shocked at the way Seth looked even though he was better. She hurriedly began finding healing herbs, and she mixed them with water using other leaves for a bowl.

She had had a revelation overnight, which she shared, watching Seth bathing in the stream. For a moment, his wonderful body distracted her, but then she focused and said, “Seth, I’ve been thinking, that maybe we are looking at the warfare all wrong.”

He turned towards her and looked into her eyes, but said nothing. He knew what she was going to say, “Seth we should fight more on a spiritual level.” He just nodded and said he thought the same.

After restoring themselves as much as possible, they began walking. They knew the Farm People were coming to help them, and they wanted to meet them as far away from the battlefield as they could. The stench of the dead creatures still filled their nostrils.

They walked as far as they could that day, to the east. Even though they had not gone a long distance, they could not smell death anymore. And there was nothing evil in the area, that they could tell.

They finally rested. Gem tended to Seth’s wounds, and at one point began kissing his chest as he laid on his back. But they both knew, love making would have to wait for another day…….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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