True Warriors


Part 22 of the Sacred Mountain Series

The deep, rich brown of the Jesser Tree, still pulsed with black veins, as Gem and Seth stood their ground in the open grassland, next to a river, with their Living Bows. The brundles were thundering now at full speed, towards them. They had known the Farm People were coming to help them, but they did not know that warriors were with them.

Seth had been very clear, that they did not trust warriors now, having felt betrayed. And yet here they were, barreling down on them, with some Farm People on the same brundles riding behind each warrior. “I count 12!” Their arrows were pointed straight at the two lead warriors.

“I can’t fire any arrows Gem….I do….not….have the strength yet.” Gem could see that her love was in intense pain, and his wounds were far from healed. It had been several days since they had blended into nature, and Seth needed more of the same.

Gem pulled back her bow, realizing she would have to replicate arrows, but would she harm the Farm People as well? She shuddered at the thought. Seth was also pointing an arrow, but it just rested in place without him pulling it back. It took effort, just for him to hold the Living Bow in place.

They were ready though, as they brundles closed in. And then suddenly they all halted at once some 50 yards in front of them. Several Farm People fell off the backs of the huge animals, having been unprepared for the stop.

Gem and Seth both tensed, when Yoni Malu came running towards them. Seth whispered, “Gem I do not sense any evil among them….perhaps it will be ok.” He still held his bow up though, not wanting to appear weak.

Yoni Malu was screaming, “No!, no!” “Please do not fire!” “Please do not fire!” She knew that the Seers could down all of the warriors, and take their lives within seconds. Gem and Seth backed up a step, when Yoni Malu fell to her knees just a few yards in front of them. She was weeping and sobbing, when she whispered, “They are true warriors, none of them are carrying the evil one inside of them…”

Gem and Seth simply looked at each other, then lowered their bows. “Please examine them, and look into their hearts….please.” Yoni Malu was pleading with them.

Gem and Seth nodded in agreement, and in one motion the warriors dismounted and assisted the other Farm People down off the brundles. Leaving their weapons where they stood the warriors approached then went down on one knee, as a sign of honoring the Seers, Gem and Seth.

Gem and Seth did walk in front of them, and around them, as each one bowed their head slightly and called them “Seer”. It was the first time anyone had ever called them that.

Yoni Malu approached Seth with pleading eyes and spoke, “Seer Seth, there has been an ancient evil in the past, that could change form and make themselves anything, any creature, human or animal.” “But we have only heard legends of this being used in our ancient world.” “If you felt evil in the other warrior camp….then they were not really warriors….I’m sure of it.” “It was the evil one.”

Once they felt safe, Gem and Seth began approaching the Farm People…. it was then that Seth collapsed.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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