The Deep Sleep


Part 23 of the Sacred Mountain Series

As each mass of muscle and fat, known as the brundles, meandered along towards the east, Gem was grateful that the leader of the Farm Village was with them. Yanu Alunai had known exactly what to do to help Seth, and had also given him a very strong herbal drink, which put him into a deep sleep. “He will sleep for two or three days, but do not be alarmed.” “Healing often comes with the body at rest.”, she said to Gem.

Gem trusted her completely, because no one knew more about herbal medicine, and she was the wisest and most gentle person, Gem had ever met. As Gem held Seth in front of her on the brundle, she thought of how she wanted it to be different, the other way around. She not only wanted to Seth to hold her as they rode, holding her with his huge arms, but she could not stand the fact that he was injured.

Gem and the sleeping Seth, were at the front of the procession heading back home, which was a sign of honor, when Yanu Alunai trotted next to them, on her brundle. She smiled, when Gem decided to be brave, and ask her about the topic she had been so troubled by. She started out softly about it, but found herself getting angry, “I am troubled Yanu Alunai……no I am angry……that Yoni Malu has bonded her spirit with the one I love!”

It was the first time she had ever seen Yanu Alunai frown. “She should not have done that, it’s true.” “But even though it is seldom done in our circles, unless both agree…she has not actually broken any rules.” Yanu Alunai paused just long enough for Gem to throw in, “I can’t believe it!”

Yanu Alunai continued, “But it was unwise, because she knew how you felt about Seth….it was unwise indeed.” The two continued to talk throughout their 3 day journey back to the village, about almost everything.

Gem asked about a certain aspect of the Farm People……it was well…..about reproduction. Yanu Alunai assured Gem, that the two Seers were capable of mating with the Farm People, “But it would be well…..different for sure.” Gem grew red in the face, and decided not to ask any more about it.

Once they did arrive at the village, Seth was beginning to come out of his sleep. There was a great celebration, with a communal meal, and joy on everyone’s face. Gem was especially grateful that Yoni Malu was not studying or staring at Seth, at least not from what she could tell.

For the next several days, Seth practiced blending into a large group of rocks near the village. It had been Yanu Alunai’s recommendation. Gem would come by when it was time to leave the blending.

One afternoon Seth had a particular gleam in his eye when he came out of the rocks. He pulled Gem close, as their lips found each other. Her body ached for him. He moved his hands over back, as he started to kiss her neck. 

And well…..the rest of what happened that afternoon cannot be mentioned here….. One thing was for certain……the deep sleep, was definitely over…..


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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