They Were in the Wind


Part 24 of the Sacred Mountain Series

They were in the wind now, and the trees, and in the leaves. They often filtered through the rocks, and traveled through the soil. It was like traveling. And they were amazed how far they could go within a short amount of time. Time. There seemed to be no time, when they blended with nature.

And that was the danger, that Gem and Seth would forget time, forget their bodies altogether, and never return. But they did return into their bodies, again and again, embracing each other, never forgetting their great love.

Coming back into human form was gradual. First a leg stuck itself out of a tree trunk, or a hand through a rock, then an arm. Then they would rotate through, with their torso, and then the other half of who they really were, came into view.

They often returned to their bodies in the morning, and that is when Gem would get sick. They had no idea what it was, but many of the Farm People in the village knew. They chose to keep silent, but privately celebrated that there was life growing and moving, the fruit of the 2 Seers.

And yet one morning, before the sun was even up, before the 2 Seers had returned to their human shapes, they sensed great evil in the Farm Village. A rippling in the night air, with the blackest of all blacks seeping through, swept over as if it was looking for something, or someone.

Gem and Seth stayed blended within a group of trees, watching it. Should they kill it now? And then suddenly, it was gone, and somehow they knew the plans of the evil one. That it would attack the village to kill, and capture the Farm People, making them slaves to evil.

The two of them came out of the trees quickly, filled with anger. It was Gem that was the angriest, having been horribly treated on their old planet by the Guardians. After they held each other, they whispered their plans. They were sensing now a great army of spider creatures, perhaps a day away.

Knowing who they were as Seers, and as people, gave them great confidence. They held no fear, as they walked towards the village, to warn the Farm People, and to prepare for the final defeat of the evil one.

They knew it would be a glorious day when it happened, people would still need to choose right and wrong, but there would be no more spiritual darkness and slavery.

And then Seth held Gem and rubbed her back…….as she began throwing up again. When she was finished……somehow they knew, looking into each other’s eyes……that there was….a child growing.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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