The Beginning of a New Light


Part 25 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was dawn of the next day when the army of encroaching evil surrounded the Farm People’s village. Each creature was hideous looking and hissing, seething with an arrogance fueled by death itself. But Gem and Seth were already far away, and traveling very quickly through nature, having blended.

They were headed straight for the territory of the evil one, even his home. For months they had seen the dark cave, encased in unrelenting evil. From what they could tell, they were invisible to him when they became one with the trees and rocks, and soil, and when they flowed with the rivers. But as soon as they became humans again he would see them and attack.

The first wave of creatures pounced on the village expecting to destroy life, and to eat the remains, but as they jumped on and conquered each dwelling, destroying it completely – no one was there! There was tremendous confusion, and angry snarls, as one after the other discovered – the village was empty!

Gem and Seth had hidden the Farm People far away, within the protection of the nature. And their whereabouts were only known by a handful of faithful warriors. Plus nearly every Farm Village was alerted and took similar measures. Many were surrounded by warrior clans. Warriors had been made many generations ago by the Creator, for the sole purpose of protecting the gentle, and loving Farm People.

And now as Gem and Seth drew close to the cave, the home of the evil one they noticed the environment was different. The dark grey clouds above seem to the stirring the air of many generations of evil. Through the branches and leaves they saw fields barren except for rock and sand.

With a gust of air the two gasped and saw the evil one himself, more hideous than anything they had ever seen. It seemed confused as it was relaying information to the evil army destroying the village. Gem and Seth could hear some of the chatter through the air.

The thing was easily 10 times the size of the spider creatures, and only vaguely looked like a spider. It could not be defined really. It was also surrounded by 3 other creatures that were similar, only smaller. Gem whispered, “It is time.”

The Seer Jannis had told them that if the evil one was killed, all of the cursed ones, the spider creatures, would be destroyed. And each cursed soul would be set free. But the evil one could only be killed by arrows from the Living Bows, which they carried.

Within seconds Gem and Seth rotated out of a group of trees, loading and pointing their bows towards the enemy. Sensing their presence, the presence of love and purity, and sensing the Living Bows, the horrible thing faced them, and released a volley of webbing as two arrows headed straight for its face. Gem and Seth were able to reload in a blur before the webbing reach them.

Screams from the evil one echoed for miles as the flaming arrows pierced it. It sat back roaring with anger and screaming with pain. Its webbing covered the 2 young Seers, but Gem thought she could release the one arrow in her bow.

The evil one was on fire, but it was the heart that needed to be pierced to kill it. Seth’s bow had been pushed up and he knew he could not break the bonds of the webbing. Gem took a deep breath and let her arrow fly through the webbing.

It was a perfect hit, as the arrow exploded into the heart of the evil one. It was in the midst of a series of horrific explosions that the dark sky seemed to burst with fire and light. The planet shook. All villages and their people felt the shaking…..

And the 2 Seers passed out…..


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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