It Was the Sun that Brought Them Back


Part 26 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was as if the two of them were floating, traveling within their dreams. In the bright sunlight, they felt themselves moving high above the treetops, and heading towards the Great Sea. The sea and the sky became one, clouds and water within a mist, washing them.

They were lost in this other world, but it was not unpleasant. Floating brought peace, and there was no time here, just the moving through the mist of blue and water.

But as they moved through this other world, the sun pierced through, and began shining on their faces. And as they returned to their bodies, the warmth brought back their spirits, and woke them, as if from a very deep sleep.

The sun, shining through the branches of a tree, was the first thing they saw. Seth sat up first and then Gem, and they knew instantly they were in a different place. Or was it a different time? It was hard to tell. There was no evil, in fact, they sensed nothing, other than the goodness of the creation.

There was no battlefield, no barren land made of rocks and sand, and there was not even the cave of darkness, that they had seen for months before. There was nothing but green fields, and the magnificent trees of the grasslands and foothills.

They looked at each other, still trying to absorb what had taken place, then each realized they were grateful to be alive. They embraced and sighed deeply but said nothing.

Enjoying their bodies once again they decided to walk, in what they thought was the right direction. Gem instinctively rubbed her stomach, remembering there was a new life growing. She smiled, and smiled even more when she noticed Seth staring at her.

It took 3 days of walking before they found anyone. They had no idea that all of the farm people and warriors had been worrying about them, not being able to sense they were still alive.

When the land began to look familiar, they realized they were close to the Farm Village they knew so well. They held hands again, as they had done often since being awakened. But still, neither one had said anything yet, communicating instead with their eyes.

When they were crested the hill near the village, they were shocked that there was no village. It had all been swept away in the war.

Instead there were hundreds, no thousands of Farm People and warriors, mulling around, and looking as if they were waiting. Had they gathered to wait for Gem and Seth?

The people gasped, and tears began to stream down their faces, as each turned toward the 2 young Seers. And in one magnificent motion, they went to their knees, giving honor. Never had their world seen 2 Seers, and never had they seen anyone, filled with so much light.

Seth whispered, “I wish they wouldn’t do that…..”


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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