The Child of the Two Seers


The Conclusion of the Sacred Mountain Series

It wasn’t an easy delivery. There was the normal screaming and pain of any childbirth, but this day was different. Something was taking place that was hard to define.

The Farm People were deep in meditation, and each one sensed something special was taking place, a type of energy shifting, that could be felt even in the soil.

And sky was noticeably different. The blue was much deeper, with the brilliance of the sun piercing through the momentary clouds passing by. Unknown to the Farm people, even the Great Sea came alive with waves of foam leaping. Was it joy the creation was feeling?

Yanu Alunai did feel joy, as she assisted with the birth of the child from the 2 Seers. She knew the planet was indeed rejoicing. For the first time since the beginning of the planet, there was freedom from the evil one. And now this new life…..

And the raw power of the 2 Seers was sometimes overwhelming, but in a positive way. The leader of the Farm People often sensed their love for each other, even without seeing them. She never said anything about it, but she could often see ripples in the air visible, with green and blue surrounding them.

Seth was constantly by Gem’s side now, holding her hand, helping her to breathe. When he couldn’t stand the pain she was going through, he stepped out and paced in front their home, while Yanu Alunai took a turn coaching Gem and holding her hand.

In the twilight of evening, a strange and beautiful blue air surrounded the village, and hung over them as Gem let out a final scream, and pushed with all her might.

And the girl that was born that evening brought even more love, into everyone’s hearts. The Farm People bowed to her spirit, realizing she was much more than anyone could possibly imagine……blue was her color……. which meant she would even blend with the sky itself…..


I hope you have enjoyed this series! I sure did enjoy writing it. In the future some shorter pieces of fiction.

Thank you!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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