The Sword of Talon – The Burning Emerald


Part 3 of the sword of Talon Series

Under the power of the white light, each noble confessed their crimes. They were powerless not to. One said, “I murdered your father!” Another said, “I kidnapped your brother!”, and the third said, “I hired men to burn down the summer palace, with your mother and two sisters inside.” They all hung their heads in shame, and suddenly the lights on each one went out, while the sword turned to blue, and just hummed.

The Queen let down the sword and held it to the ground. She quickly walked over to the noble that had kidnapped her brother, while her hand went under her cloak, fingering a dagger. Seething with anger now, through her teeth, she said quietly, “Where…..where is my bro-ther! The man whispered, “The Sultan has him Your Majesty……but I swear no harm has come to him…….. “SILENCE!” came the shout from the Queen. Still fingering the dagger, she resisted the temptation to slice him right then and there. She did though spit into the man’s face and shouted, “You dog!”

She turned quickly away and shouted to everyone, “Guards take them away!” There is no need here to describe what happened next, but the people took care of justice on this day. They executed the three men quickly…….you see the people loved the Queen, and had loved the royal family.

Once the Queen saw the three men taken away, the Bishop approached but the Queen would have none of it. She put up her hand and said, “We are not done here yet!” “Now we will see who is guilty of lesser crimes.” As the Queen lifted the sword again, the same colors appeared and the brilliant white light struck another 22 men this time, guilty of a number of offenses, but all of them were nobles. They were guilty of thievery, cruelty towards subjects of the kingdom, hiring hecklers to disrespect the royalty, and a number of other offenses. Each one confessed under the light.

When it was over the Queen was exhausted, and slumped into her modest wooden throne. “Take them away, and may they be banished from our kingdom forever”.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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