The Sword of Talon – The Ambassador


Part 4 of the Sword of Talon Series

“Your Majesty, the Ambassador of the Sultan has arrived.” Queen Natasha had been waiting anxiously in her thrown room, with a much smaller court. She shifted in her chair, took a deep breath and said, “Show him in!” as her anger began to boil.

By now the reputation of the sword had traveled far and wide, and those in the land of the Sultan wondered if there would be war. The Ambassador was sweating with fear as he walked in to the mostly empty throne room, but he did notice that hundreds of loyal troops stood guard around the palace. They were seasoned and experienced men. Many of them snarled and growled as the entourage of the Ambassador came by.

Queen Natasha held the Sword of Talon in her right hand, but pointed it down. It began to glow silently with emerald green, then quickly went to bright blue. The Ambassador bowed his head slightly, and began his introduction, “Queen Natasha…..” but he was cut off with a roar from the queen – “Silence!!!” “You will not speak in my throne room again!!”

The Sword now was sensing her anger, and turned to purple, then bright orange while humming loudly. The Queen rose from her throne seething. “Tell your Sultan to bring back my brother, or I will take your head off with my own hands!!!” The Ambassador was shaking now, as the sword changed again from bright orange, to yellow. Queen Natasha continued with, “And as for war – there will be no war – because this sword will destroy his kingdom in one – fell – swoop!”

It was at this point the Queen raised the sword over her head, and it turned to a bright white. The court had to cover their eyes to not be blinded. Queen Natasha then roared, “Now run you dog, and deliver the message!!!”

The Queen could not help but laugh as his Ambassadorship went running through the crowd of her soldiers, as they mocked him and jeered, until he was out of sight.

To be continued tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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