The Sword of Talon – The Shadow


Part 5 of the Sword of Talon Series

On this same day the Sultan was himself holding court, asking the religious, and the seers, about a dream he had, while taking a nap. He was desperate to know what the dream had meant. It had been a horrible dream, of being attacked by the shadow of a huge eagle, that eventually caught him and tore him from limb to limb. He never saw the eagle, only the shadow of it.

The dream always ended, with him seeing a vision of Queen Natasha’s brother, chained up in his cell. He almost felt sorry for the boy.

“Enough!” he finally yelled to his court, not having received a sufficient answer. The court hummed with rumors and murmuring. He went walking alone in his palace courtyard. It was a hot day, with a bright sun, when a shadow appeared over him. It was unmistakably the shadow of a gigantic bird of prey. As he looked up terrified he could not see it, because of the blinding sun. Then it let out a horrifying screech.

Running from the courtyard and sweating profusely, the Sultan ran into back into the palace giving orders to immediately release Prince Eric, the brother of Queen Natasha. It was bad enough that all of his plans to destabilize Queen Natasha’s kingdom had come to an end, and that all of his accomplices were now dead, but this eagle haunting was just too much.

No taking of another kingdom was worth this type of haunting. He did not know it yet, but he would have this dream every night, until the Prince was returned safely to his sister, the Queen.


To be continued later this week.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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