The Sword of Talon – Sadness and Rejoicing


Part 6 of the Sword of Talon Series

The Queen could not stop crying. Yes, Prince Eric had arrived, and yes the entire city rejoiced as the coach, and the army escort, had found their way through the city streets, but they never saw the Prince. Only the Queen knew why he was hidden, and some of the awful truth that was tucked inside.

But once he had been brought in, she was devastated. She simply couldn’t believe the state he was in. He was only a shell of a person, after having spent months in chains, in a concrete cell. He could not walk, and could not take any solid food.

If only she had known sooner!! She would have taken the heads of the nobles responsible, and wiped their memory from the face of the earth. But all she could do now, was kneel by his bed, weep, and pray.

She had forbidden the Bishop to see her brother, and had sent the church doctors running away, chasing them out of the castle with daggers. Instead she called for the natural healers, the ones her mother had trusted for so many years. Once they arrived they gave the Prince some herbal drinks. There would be no bleeding the Prince, of his lifeblood.

She slept in the Prince’s chambers with the some of the healers for several days, despite their protesting. And she never let go of the Sword, which was always on her side.

One night while the Queen was praying by her brother’s bed, she had a vision. There were wings and candles surrounding Eric’s bed – were they angels? She could not tell…..but one thing was for certain…..she was encouraged.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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