The Sword of Talon – Two Eagles


Part 7 of the Sword of Talon Series

She went walking in her favorite place, especially when she was troubled, along the sea. It was as if she had been called there, drawn there, by an unseen force. The weather was turning colder now, but the waves still brought her comfort, allowed her to feel and to think.

Everything had been going so well. In the six weeks since her brother’s return, he was much improved. But the fact that he would never be the same, tore her to pieces. The Queen loved the healers, and they became good friends. She often found herself opening up to them, like she had never done with anyone else. But there was always a part of her that did not trust them, or anyone else for that matter. They were gone now, having done all they could.

And now the insults from last night stung her, from some of her most trusted soldiers. Fresh tears began again, when she thought of the words she had overheard. “She’s too old now isn’t she? She’s almost 30!” As the two soldiers had drifted down a corridor, the other said, “Well, one thing is for sure – her brother won’t be able to marry……”

Marriage. The Bishop had been talking to her about it, saying how important it was…..that she had a responsibility to the kingdom……and so on, etc. Yet she refused to marry someone she didn’t know. And she didn’t trust anyone now – so how was she supposed to love?

She bowed her head and was about to pray, when she saw the unmistakable shadows of two birds of prey. Looking up she saw two eagles, and began to smile. Ever since she had received the Sword she could understand the language of eagles and hawks.

The two eagles knew before she could even open her mouth, and said, “We will pray for you Dear One!” she was thrilled to hear the words, and she said in perfect eagle language (even without an accent) “Thank you!!”……..and she meant it, with all her heart.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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