The Sword of Talon – Nighthawks and Nobility


Part 8 of the Sword of Talon Series

It was the Sword that gave her the power to say no. As the Queen brushed her jet black hair one night, by candlelight in front of her mirror, she could not help but smile. She had fought well earlier in the day, against two of her nobles, and the Bishop. It was a verbal battle. They had met in the library and discussed which noble from foreign lands she should marry.

She had scoffed at the men, with their faces full of concern. They made it sound like she was buying a horse, discussing each one and their attributes in great detail. Clearly they had done their homework, having a stack of reports and paintings. And she knew they actually cared about her and the kingdom, so she was willing to sit there for nearly two hours. She turned down each prospect though, flatly.

There were two that actually interested her, but she refused to be bought as a commodity, and did not say a word to anyone about her interest. She remembered the Earl saying: “Your Majesty, you must choose someday, and we do not know how long…..they will remain available.” The Bishop leaned in saying, “He is rather handsome…..don’t you think?” He gloated while holding the painting of the Duke of Carfa.

She was getting angry at this presumptive statement, and the Sword at her side began to hum and glow emerald green. Everyone in the room at the time noticed it, and she noted that it always responded to her emotions. She never did like the Bishop, that was for certain.

But as she finished brushing her hair that night, she heard the screeching of a nighthawk, as it passed by her window. And as it flew by the second time, she could pick out the words in nighthawk language, “I am here now, Dear One!”

As she usually did each night, she opened her window, allowing the hawk to fly in, and sit on his usual perch that she had had made, just for him. As they began to talk about men and marriage, Queen Natasha said in perfect nighthawk language, “Shhh! Someone may hear you!”

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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