The Sword of Talon – The Betrayal


The banquet with the Duke of Carfa did not go well. She had traveled far to get there, and there were a more than a hundred people at the feast. What were they celebrating again? She couldn’t remember. She did notice that he was unbelievably handsome, but his brain? It had to be no larger than a pea, she was certain of it.

At the long table the food was good, except for the underdone quail, otherwise it was delicious. But the stupidity of the man made her stomach turn, and she ate little. He had the laughter a nine year old, and Queen Natasha was grateful for the moving of the company to the Great Room and dancing.

She wasn’t disappointed though that there were a number of women hanging on to his arms, hanging on to his every word, as the music played. Did they really want to spend an eternity with such an unintelligent man? She refused to join in, and stayed to the shadows, observing the spectacle.

None of that mattered now, as they stood in the darkness and the mist, waiting. After two hours of waiting for the Duke’s escort, the Queen’s Captain of the Guard was enraged. She decided to step out of the carriage and take command. “My Queen!” the Captain said, “It is too dangerous here, and it could be a trap….”

She surveyed her troops and said, “We will ride without the escort.” The Captain of the Guard looked concerned but understood completely. The Queen added quickly, “Prepare my horse!” In the coach she changed quickly into her riding clothes, and donned the Sword. They were off quickly for the two hour ride to the port, and her waiting ship.

They had not traveled far when the attack came. Out of the dark shadows and the mist, a small army jumped quickly from the brush on both sides. And before she could react, a sword blade was at her throat, on her right side.

And a voice came from her left saying, “I will take your wooonderful sword dear Queen!” The Queen retorted, “Over my dead body!!” As the insolent voice on her left, came closer on his horse, she could see this was no ordinary thief. His clothing was that of nobility, in fact she recognized him from the banquet! Wasn’t he the Viscount? Her anger began to burn.

And the Sword of Talon began to glow, first to an emerald green, then to blue, and purple and then quickly to red, when the Queen heard the unmistakable sound of nighthawks above them.

Queen Natasha had no fear as she realized who would win this very brief battle. But she was mostly angry…..because not only was the Duke of Carfa an idiot……he was also……a thief.

To be continued on Sunday.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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