The Sword of Talon – Black Rocks


Part 10 of the Sword of Talon Series

Queen Natasha had the perfect dagger waiting for the Viscount as he approached, tucked, just under her sleeve. Should she plant it nicely in his arm? Or should she go for the lethal blow, forcing it into his neck?

Fortunately for the Viscount, the Queen never had the chance. By now the Sword was a bright white, blinding the Viscount and all those surrounding him, while simultaneously dozens of nighthawks descended on the enemy troops. In a split second the Viscount’s hand was burnt to a crisp, as he touched the Sword, and the screams of his troops filled the night air.

Mounted soldiers were attacked with a flurry of claw wounds, and beaks tearing flesh. The noise from the calamity drowned out the cries of Viscount, and to be frank no one cared. His hand smoldered through his metal glove.

But the sound of defeat finally took place, when the Queen removed the Sword of Talon from her side. By now it was so bright the entire night was lit, which brought more panic to the enemy. And just that quick the Viscount and his troops ran for their lives, scattering through the forest.

Within moments the sword dimmed and returned to orange. Her troops were elated of course, but Queen Natasha was not so happy. She was sullen, having felt betrayed. As she pulled her soldiers together, they continued their journey to the coast.

She could not wait to leave this place. She would never again be bullied by the people of her own kingdom. She wanted to weep simply from anger, but refused to let it loose in front of the others.

At one point her horse snorted and she listened closely to the sounds of the night forest. And then she heard it, the sound of water running. She stopped, then dismounted and said, “Everyone wait here!” She was so angry she could slice the ear off of anyone that followed her.

It was the river of black rocks. “Was this entire place cursed?”, she thought out loud. But she did drink it in, and it was then…….she let the river of tears flow.

To be continued


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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