The Sword of Talon – Captain of the Guard


Part 11 of the Sword of Talon Series

But there was one person that did not follow the Queen’s order. The Captain of the Guard decided to risk her wrath, after waiting a few minutes. He gently, silently, walked into the forest, in the direction of the river. It was too dark to see where he was going, but he heard the river, and had not gone far before he heard her weeping….

He stopped dead in his tracks. He waited, hardly taking a breath. Now he felt like he was invading her privacy, her sacred moment of pouring out her heart. He had seen her many times, in her bravery, in her royalty as the Queen, but also saw her like no one else ever did. He saw her humanity. And yes more recently…..he noticed how beautiful she was. Was he in love? He thought so, but wasn’t sure.

He waited in the forest until she stopped weeping, then in order to save them both from embarrassment, he made a lot crashing noise in the brush, and yelled as if he was in the distance, “My Queen?” “Are you alright?”

But instead of anger, Queen Natasha’s face had softened, and the Sword at her side was a cold blue, and growing dimmer. He knew he was safe, but he stumbled over his words, “Your Majesty…..please forgive me….but….I was concerned.”

When she looked up the moon was directly shining on his face. He was unbelievably handsome. Why had she never seen him this way before? There was more there….but what was it?

By dawn, the Queen and her troops made it back to the waiting ship, anchored in an inlet. She noticed the Captain of the Guard had never left her side. In the longboat journey from the shore, Queen Natasha noticed him again, in the daylight.

She was sitting behind him and noticed his neck was thick, and his shoulders were broad. Why had she never seen him this way before? And the answer came to her so quickly, it nearly took her breath away….she had been too busy fighting…..and she had been too busy….. being angry.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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