The Sword of Talon – Heartbeats


Part 12 of the Sword of Talon Series

She began noticing her heartbeat again. During her self-seclusion when she returned home, her heart would race or sometimes even skip a beat, when she saw him.

But she at least had to give the appearance she was hurt and angry. She had been manipulated by the Bishop and nobles, all in the hopes of finding someone for her to marry. She refused to see the Bishop, or anyone else for that matter. She took her meals in her chambers.

She did send for one person though, her favorite healer, Lorissa. Since the Queen had no other living relative, she wanted Lorissa’s advice about love. She wasn’t sure what love was, and she needed to know if what she was feeling was normal. It would take days for Lorissa to arrive though.

After the Queen started wandering the castle again, it seemed like he was always there, with that face of concern. She did stop and speak with him occasionally, and found his name was Jonathan. It was during those times that her heart would race the fastest. Would he hear it pounding in her chest?

Unfortunately when she saw him from afar, he often caught her staring, and her face would go red. And he always had that innocent and questioning look of “My Queen?” She would quickly walk away, without saying a word, but dreaming of what it would be like to be in his arms. And, she found herself visiting the stables at least once a day, to see if he was there.

Was she sinning? She certainly needed to see her friend Lorissa……and she desperately needed her advice…..

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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