The Sword of Talon – Armies Marching


As Lorissa walked down the candlelit corridors, she didn’t like what she was sensing. More than just the shadows from candles flickering, she was seeing something unseen. She stopped and closed her eyes.

There it was again, a vision of darkness, of armies marching towards them, of yells and war. She shuddered and went as quickly as she could to her room, locking the door behind her. And then she tried to see beyond the physical. Yes – something was coming, and it would be at the castle in the morning. But she had said nothing to the Queen.

And the Queen was down the hall, combing her long dark hair before going to bed, smiling to herself. She was so proud of herself for cutting back on her passion, for the Captain of the Guard. She avoided him really, and never went to look for him now.

She was not only practicing self-restraint, she was practicing something, even she herself once loathed. She was getting good at being aloof. But whenever he did draw near to speak with her, her heart began beating wildly. This had to be love – wasn’t it love?

Lorissa began beating on Queen Natasha’s door, yelling, “My Queen……please open the door!” “I have something to tell you!!” By the time the Queen let her in, Lorissa was breathless, and the castle guard were running down the hall due to all the racquet.

Lorissa shouted, “I see an army coming!”


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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