The Sword of Talon – Covered by Wings


Part 15 of the Sword of Talon Series

The sky was covered with wings. Every eagle, every hawk, fish hawk, nighthawk, jayhawk, and even the owls, bearing with the pain of the bright sun, filled the crisp blue sky with their wings. They openly declared their loyalty to Queen Natasha, the bearer of the Sword.

As the Birds of Prey swirled, dived, and soared above her castle, the troops and calvary of the Bishop and the Duke of Carfa were in awe, and growing afraid. And the Viscount was there, next to the Duke, dreaming of his revenge. In his twisted evil mind, he was determined to have the Queen this very day…..after he had beaten her to a pulp. And if had to kill the idiot Duke to get to her, he would do so.

Within the castle, the Captain of the Queen’s Guard, the Queen, and Lorissa, looked out from the highest turret, the Captain sighed and said, “My Queen, even with the Birds of Prey, there are simply too many enemy troops for us to fight.” “They have thousands, many of them mercenaries, and we have but two hundred…”

The Queen said nothing, but it was obvious she was filled with anger and fear. She was tired of war and people hating her. As she looked up at the wings filling the sky, she said, “So many… many will be hurt or killed today…..”

Lorissa knew that she meant the Birds of Prey, but she was thinking of the men about to lose their lives. She decided to ask humbly, “My Queen is there no way this can be avoided?” Queen Natasha looked at her friend in the eyes, and shook her head no. Instead of seeing anger, Lorissa saw sadness.

“It is not about me my friend….” “They want me to marry the Duke so that these evil men, will control the kingdom.” “I simply cannot do that to the people.”

The Queen stepped out onto a walkway that went between turrets, even as the Captain of the Guard tried to stop her….. “No My Queen!” he shouted, but she was already there with her hands up in the air, her head looking up.

Speaking to the Birds of Prey, she yelled, “No you cannot do this – they will hurt you!!” “Please don’t do this!!” She would rather die, than to see one of these magnificent creatures injured.

To be continued, tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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