The Sword of Talon – The Battle Rages


Part 16 of the Sword of Talon Series

“Do you have the archers in place Viscount?” The Viscount shifted in his saddle, and answered the Bishop by shaking his head yes and saying, “Yes, and they are very close to the castle, hidden in some bushes.” “They have been ordered to fire at the Queen or the Captain of the Guard.”

As the fear of the Birds of Prey grew among the enemy troops, the Bishop and the Duke planned for a swift attack and soon. There were even reports of some of the troops deserting should they be attacked by the air.

Back at the castle the Queen was still imploring the Birds of Prey not to fight for her. But the Captain of the Guard was yelling for her to get down, “It’s not safe here My Queen!” Queen Natasha cried out in perfect eagle language, “Do not do this, my friends!”

It was then that one of the largest eagles came swooping down, next to her using wrought iron as a perch. The eagle spoke to her in loving terms which only she could understand, “My Queen please calm yourself, this is above all, a spiritual battle….” “We must help you win, so that evil will not destroy the kingdom….”

No one saw it coming, but an arrow struck the Queen squarely in the right shoulder on her back, with such force it knocked her over. In a flash the Captain of the Guard covered her with his own body, while the eagle took off, screeching to his winged force to attack.

Lorissa had been watching and risked her life to help the Queen, as a series of arrows flew in her direction. “We must get her inside!” she yelled. While staying low Lorrisa and the Captain dragged the Queen to the closest turret.

Lorrisa shouted, “We can save her but we need to remove the arrow!” The Birds of Prey did attack and frightened many of the enemy troops, but many also took their stand, and fought. They refused to give into a flock of birds. It was a horrible fight and there were casualties on both sides.

While the Leader of the Eagles called for reinforcements, the Queen was removed to a room reserved for caring for the sick and injured. No one noticed that the Sword had been left on the walkway where the Queen had been struck.

“Jonathan….” The Queen managed to say before going unconscious, “I’m here My Queen!” The Captain of the Guard never left her side.

The Queen weakly continued with, “Jonathan… need to lift the Sword….” “No My Queen I cannot!” The Queen said again, “You need to lift the Sword…..or all will be lost… will not be burned…..” It was then she passed out.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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