The Sword of Talon – Filled with Light


Part 17 of the Sword of Talon Series

The castle shook now, as boulders sent from catapults, rocked the stone walls to their very foundation. As Jonathan watched Lorissa clean the wound of the Queen, preparing to extract the arrow, he noticed the point had not gone very deeply under her skin. The archer must have been a ways off when he let the arrow go.

“Captain!!” His men outside the surgery room were yelling for him. The enemy was indeed at the door, and it would not be long until they were all dead. “Captain, the Birds of Prey have pulled back, and are hovering above us!” A true sign that all was indeed lost, was Jonathan’s first thought.

As he turned to leave the room, he could smell death filling the halls. Lorissa stopped him though – “You must do as she says and lift the Sword!!” “Or else all will be lost….” He smiled weakly as he left. Boom!! Another boulder struck the wall above the entrance, as if it was the worst kind of thunder. He heard bricks crumbling just outside and the shouts of the enemy troops.

And the Birds of Prey were hovering, watching the continuing battle. The largest of the eagles, their leader said, “Do not worry my friends….the Sword is beginning to speak, and soon we will have victory!” But another boulder hit the front wall of the castle, knocking a small hole in it.

And Jonathan, the Captain of the Guard, did feel drawn to where he knew the Sword was laying. He could picture it on the walkway, between turrets.

Was it his imagination? Was it just a matter of having faith? He actually heard the Sword calling. Or was he now madly in love with the Queen, or somehow was his faith, and his love combined? His heartbeat quickened, and he found himself running up the steps, as the sound of the huge wooden doors that were the entrance, were broken, filling his ears with screams of men.

He could actually hear the Sword humming before it came into view. And once he reached the walkway he saw it glowing a bright orange. He crouched low, and made his way towards it, deciding to take the risk, and even if his hand was burnt to a crisp, he would at least die protecting the Queen he loved.

But his hand was not burnt when he touched it!!! Taking the Sword in his right hand it made a piercing sound and turned to bright white. And suddenly the light of 10,000 suns filled the sky as he lifted it.

As the Captain of the Guard placed his other hand on the handle, he lifted the Sword as high as he could. It was at that moment that an intense beam of light, left the Sword, and traveled straight to the Bishop, striking him squarely in the chest, knocking him off his horse. The light was so strong it went through him, and out his back.

And the Bishop screamed, “I confess!!!”

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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