The Sword of Talon – The Victory of Light


Part 18 of the Sword of Talon Series 

There were so many things the Bishop confessed, that the men around him were completely disgusted, and they unsheathed their swords to take his head. But they never had a chance. The battle had come to a complete stop, as the enemy forces covered their faces from the blinding light.

And as the Bishop was about to be executed by his own men, thousands of rays of light, each one targeting the chest, the very being of each enemy soldier, landed.

And the truth came out of each mouth, in confession of their sins. There was no noise, other than the mumbling of confession. Some wept, and many sunk to their knees, or lay prostrate in the mud. And the Birds of Prey hovered quietly with tears in their eyes. They knew it was always good when humans repented.

And one by one, the enemy soldiers turned and left the battlefield. And the Sword stopped its rays of truth, the light of 10,000 suns. The Captain of the Guard lowered The Sword of Talon, as it still hummed loudly, turning to a muted orange. “Thank God”, was all he could say under his breath.

Always protective, the Captain of the Guard stood there watching, and as a sign that the battle had been won. Suddenly he realized there were no dead bodies on the field, and he could not even make out any blood – anywhere.

Were they healed, and then they walked away? He could not tell. Clearly though it was the light that had done the miracle.

And there was no Bishop anymore, there was no evil Viscount. They simply vanished, and no one ever saw them again – anywhere. The Duke of Carfa did survive, but he went back to his own land which became filled with strife. Some say his lands were cursed, and he quickly lost his fortune.

Queen Natasha woke briefly while the Captain sheathed the Sword of Talon, moving quickly to go down and see her. But Lorissa the healer, had given her a strong drink, which made her sleep. And Lorissa had to smile when she saw the Captain’s face. He was filled with concern, and she knew love when she saw it. And well….he was not bad looking either.

The Queen and the Captain would have to wait to embrace, but in the meantime, Queen Natasha was dreaming of him carrying her to the coast, where they would watch the ocean together, and the Sea Hawks…….and her spirit would be revived…….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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