The Sword of Talon – Epilogue


She leaned over and whispered softly into his ear, “husband…….” When he did not stir, she touched his hair gently and whispered again, “husband….” His only response was to let some mumbles slip out of his mouth and to utter, “H’mmm?”

“It’s time my love, it’s time……for the baby……to be born….” He jumped up at this with a start, threw on his pants and started calling out loudly for the servants, while the Queen tried to calm him down, saying, “Shhh!” But she sank down quickly into the bed when another wave of pain took over.

Once Queen Natasha was moved to the birthing room she was attended by Lorissa, and a group of healers, along with several midwives. This gave Jonathan, who was now a Duke, plenty of time to pace up and down, and to think over the past several months.

He was carrying the Sword of Talon on his side, as he paced. He was the only one that could touch the mystical weapon besides his wife, without being injured. He still didn’t understand how that worked, even though she had explained it to him. “The Sword and I spoke…”, she had said, “….and because of you and I having a heart connection, the Sword agreed to be used by you also.” She further explained that in many ways the Sword saw the two of them as one.

Hours went by, and he continued to pace more anxiously by the moment. He decided to send for the Bishop – the new Bishop. Now here was a man that everyone could love, in spite of him being a bit odd. He would talk to the birds and sing outside, calling aspects of nature his brothers and sisters, but he was filled with love.

It wasn’t long after the Bishop arrived, and had prayed for a safe delivery…..that the baby was born. He was a healthy baby boy, and when Jonathan went into see his wife, they both wept with joy.

Once the Bishop was allowed in, he blessed the family, and they all, including the healers and midwives, they all prayed the “Our Father.” The snow from the night before made the scene even more beautiful.

And what was the baby’s name? Well, he was named after the Bishop, because he was the first religious leader that they ever loved and respected. In fact the Bishop became a good friend.

There were many trials to overcome over the years, and the Bishop was right there, each time, praying, and offering advice if he was asked.

The Bishop’s name? Francis…..of course.


I hope you have enjoyed this series.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest


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