Henry Vu – Love for All People


After one of the toughest assignments he had ever had, Henry was on his way back to the United States, but truthfully he was exhausted. Eastern Europe had taken a lot out of him, because he had always hated war and prejudice. He had done all he could, for a group of refugees.

Having been originally from Vietnam, he had a lot of memories, so he felt horrible and felt the pain of the people he had been sent to help, in Romania and Bulgaria. He was in tears, as he coasted back into New York City.

There were no new instructions from the Angel Command Center, which meant he could rest. Perhaps they knew he needed the rest. Wait! “Of course they knew….” He said to himself.

Suddenly a flicker appeared across his spiritual sight. As he stood on top of a skyscraper on 164th street, it was like looking at a TV screen, but it was all happening now (which is not unusual for angels) and he could see into the home of a family in Brooklyn.

“Abba, what will become of us?” Twelve year old Yakov Horowitz was asking his father as the Orthodox Jewish family sat down at the dinner table. His mother Miriam shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Yakov continued, “Abba will they start coming after us, like they did in Germany?”

By now, his father Daniel regretted, having ever brought a newspaper into the house. Yakov had read the article about the rising tide of people hating the Jews, here in the United States, and to be honest it terrified them all.

When Henry saw this scene in his spiritual eyes, something snapped. It was an emotional response for sure, but he could not sit back and let this continue. He rushed to the Horowitz’ home within seconds, to stem the tide of hate making this family so afraid.

Henry was invisible when he entered their home, and as he saw them silently staring at their plates. The father Daniel finally did speak up, and said, “My son…..I do not think so, and we pray it will not….”

It was then that Henry knew what he must do, he just hoped he wouldn’t get into too much trouble with the Angel Command Center. He walked to the entrance of the dining room silently, and with all his angelic power, with the light of 10,000 suns, he made himself known.

Wings were outstretched, filling an entire wall, as the family covered their eyes, Henry dimmed the light just a little so they could see him, and see his face shining.

As the family’s mouths dropped open with the shock of his presence, Henry said through his own tears, “You will be kept safe!!”

And Henry meant every word of it, deeply and sincerely…..


To be continued.


Writing © Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

image of Challah bread from unknown photographer, via google


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