Henry Vu – Sleeping in Church


As the Horowitz family gaped in shock, Henry knew he had probably made a mistake, telling them they would kept safe. He had acted on his own, even though he had meant it, and he had the best of intentions.

Fortunately Henry’s words did prove to come true as time went by, and hatred for Jewish people grew. God was always there for them, and no rebuke ever came from the Angel Command Center.

Henry, in all is angelic glory began to fade, there was no need to say anything further. He wanted to encourage the family, nothing more. He had been taught well by Gabriel, and he loved utilizing what was known in heaven as the “Angel Glory”. It was always meant to encourage humans.

The Horowitz family decided not to tell anyone else about the vision, but they were set free from fear. Their spirits were lighter, and their faith actually grew. They experienced a confidence they had never felt before, and they smile a lot!

As he walked now invisibly through the streets of Brooklyn he thought of how much he loved this country, and how much he loved this neighborhood. He was grateful for the people he had come to love, and the diversity there.

Every ethnic group that lived there, including Jews, African Americans, Latinos, and now Asians (mostly Pakistani) were thriving, confident within the framework of American freedom. Surely he thought, hate would never win in such a wonderful place as this.

And for the rest he needed, Henry made a right and walked down into a rougher part of town. A place that often smelled of urine and beer, where rats skittered, and where loud arguing could be heard. He made his way to the one church, that had been brave enough to remain in business.

And they helped the homeless, not only by feeding them, but by allowing some of the men to sleep there in the basement. Henry changed his appearance, to that of a homeless person, complete with odor, and made himself visible as he walked in the door.

It was dark as Henry lay down next to his friend Wally. Wally was usually strung out on heroin, and Henry took care of him in ways Wally never even knew about.

Do angels sleep? Not exactly, but when Henry closed his eyes, he smiled. He thanked God for each one of the men, and he prayed for them silently. He knew they were all God’s people……..each one made…….in His image.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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