Henry Vu – The Visitors Part II


As she opened the door, the music pierced Caroline’s heart with both pain and joy. It was her husband Tom’s favorite Christmas carol. Tears began streaming down her face, Jessica said, “Mommy?” By the middle of the song Caroline broke down, not able to contain the grief any longer. She fell to her knees, crying and wailing.

Henry Vu watched from a rooftop across the street, realizing it was not over yet. The carolers stopped. They prayed quietly, and one of their group rushed to Caroline’s side. Linda Cunningham had compassion the size an ocean, and said, “What is it sweetheart?” The response broke everyone’s heart. “My husband is dead!!!” There was more wailing, Linda held her, and began weeping herself. She knew what grief could do to a person. Linda’s husband had died just one year ago, from cancer.

The empathy of that tiny group of carolers was so tangible, Caroline could feel it coming to her and enveloping her through Linda’s arms. Linda asked after a long silence, “Sweetheart, is there anything we can do??” Through her tears, and after accepting a handkerchief from one of the men, Caroline paused wanting to speak……and she finally said….. “Maybe just somebody to talk to.”

So Linda did go inside with Caroline and the children, as the carolers moved on to other houses. Henry watched them, move through the neighborhood with grace and power, unlike he had seen in other humans. Hearts were beginning to heal in many places as he watched, often with his spirit sight.

Linda mostly listened, but she and Caroline talked for hours. It was one tragedy after another it seemed……as Caroline poured it all out. And the two of them began a friendship, that lasts to this day. Caroline did get the help her family needed, and more.

Henry, still sits on that roof sometimes, nodding his head yes, and often with tears in his eyes. And every time he checks on the Jenkins family, he praises God so loud, another party gets started……up in heaven.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

Note: I hope you enjoying this heart warming series. I look forward seeing where Henry will be going next!


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