A Different Kind of Love Story


It was one of those late winter days, with just a hint of warmth from the sun, even in the internal pathways of the woods. I couldn’t help but smile, when I saw the beginning of buds growing on the azalea bushes. And the robins flittering back and forth, were singing those beautiful songs, that only robins can sing.

I was lost in contemplation, and walking, when I heard a horrible racket behind me. Were those hoof beats running? Suddenly I heard her yelling and realized it was a woman running! She yelled, “Run Jacob!” She rounded the bend, spotted me gaping at her, and without missing a beat, yelled in my direction, “Sweetheart! Please help us!” she continued to run straight for me, while I looked around to see who she was yelling at.

Please understand, I had never seen this woman before in my life, and she yelled again, “Sweetheart! They’re gaining on us!” I thought about running myself, mostly to get away from her, but it was too late, she was on me, embracing me, and panting like a mad dog (from running).

I shouted, “Wait….who are you??” And she whispered, “Please help us…you have to pretend you are my husband.” Then she said loudly, “Sweetheart let’s get out of here.”

She whispered again, “I’m sorry, but please kiss me, we have to make it look real.” Ten thousand thoughts went through my mind all at once, but within seconds I decided, it must be a jealous boyfriend chasing her, or an ex-boyfriend.

All I could picture in my mind, was a 9mm pistol pointed at my face, by some rejected lover. I barely noticed that she had a young son, about 10 years old, standing next to her.

I have to admit I did kiss her, but only briefly. I figured I might as well, even though I saw no one else, I  was certain I only had a few seconds more to live. Was it my imagination or did she enjoy that kiss…..?

Then she whispered gently into my ear, “They’re scanning us right now…..”


To be continued.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

Note: Just taking a short break from the Henry Vu series. He will be back!


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