A Different Kind of Love Story III


It took more than hour, but we did eventually get to the coffee shop, the one next to the railroad tracks. The drive into town, gave us all time to calm down. It’s not every day a guy gets scanned by…..well whoever they are.

Once we placed our order and grabbed a table, I could not resist asking, “Ok so who are they?” Melody didn’t give me the answer I was looking for, she said, “I don’t know actually….” I yelled, “What?? What do you mean you don’t know?” She yelled, “Shhh!” “Calm down.” As she looked around the room.

She explained, “What I mean is they call themselves the ‘Protectors’ but I don’t know where they’re actually from.” “They’re not from around here, that’s for sure.” She said it so calmly, and took her first sip of mocha.

I began to relax some, this was all too weird but at least we were getting somewhere. I sat back in my seat, and took a sip of regular decaf, with cream and artificial sweetener. She asked me my name, and I said, “George.”, which was a lie. That lasted about 4 seconds, because I was beginning to like these two, and the kid stared at me, not believing what I just said. So I confessed, “Ok my real name is Nathan…” and I left it at that.

The three of us talked for a long time. Melody told me, the Protectors had a bad habit of collecting people because they were starting colonies in other parts of the galaxy……I know, I know it sounds weird but I’m just repeating what she said, Ok?

“But they only do so when a culture or people are about to become extinct.” “And we are close…..” Her voice trailed off. I harrumphed, and added, “Now that’s not hard to believe at all.”, and I meant it.

She continued, “They only want single people though, no couples, at least that’s what they said.” She began blushing, and before I could open my mouth to ask why, she jumped in with, “They said, they wanted to select the couples, themselves….and that is just so horrible!”

Now I was getting the picture, and understood why she was pretending to be married. And for the first time I suddenly noticed how attractive she was, as she looked down at her coffee, in tears. She had really long brown hair, almost to her waist. She had dark eyes, and a round face.

But she looked up and startled me with, “Can you stay the night at my place?” And now I blushed. Did she read my mind? Realizing what she had just said, Melody added, “Not for sex silly!” “It would be good if you were there…..you know…..if they started scanning again.”

To be continued, in a  few days!


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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