A Different Kind of Love Story IV


I have to admit I was pretty nervous driving to this woman’s house, who I barely knew. Here we were going to spend the night together, it was all supposed to be platonic? How could possibly I know whether or not she was going to stab me in my sleep?

I decided not to think about that as I drove my car, with Melody (and sometimes Jacob) telling me which way to turn. It turns out Melody did have a car, but she wrecked it a few days ago, trying to escape the Protectors. I decided to ask her some more questions as we drove, looking for more intel.

“So Melody, how do they communicate with you, is it telepathic….?” I asked, thinking this could really get interesting! But she said, “What….no, they simply send me a text.” Shocked, I sounded stupid with, “You mean on your phone?” Duh!

“Well they send messages, on my phone but there is never any phone number it comes from…..there’s just the words.” “I usually show it to Jacob, and it’s gone within seconds….and I mean really like, gone forever.” Chills started running up and down my spine, and I couldn’t help but say, “That’s creepy!” When I said that, I noticed in my rear view mirror, Jacob nodding his head up and down agreeing with me.

“Poor kid.” I thought this must be like the worst possible nightmare for him. I was still thinking about dropping the two of them off and heading home, but something told me to not leave them alone. As I was driving, I looked around outside and noticed we were out in the country, on the other side of town. In the darkness I saw the water of a stream, falling over rocks. Ok that was it, I needed to stick close to them.

Suddenly Melody woke me up, out of my daydreaming when she said, “Turn here.” As we turned into her driveway, we got the shock of our lives. In the distance we saw lights everywhere, moving over her entire house! Some type of dark shadow was hovering, all three of us saw it.

Instinctively I turned off the engine and car lights, while blurting out, “Oh God….”


To be continued in a couple of days.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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