Henry Vu and the Praying Man


To be honest Henry dreaded his next assignment, as he coasted into the suburbs of Boston. The orders had been simple enough, from the Angel Command Center. He was simply to talk to a man, praying in an empty church. But what this man had been through, was hell on earth, and the man simply could not go on.

Henry knew that sometimes pain was a lousy teacher, and as Henry stood, (still invisible) at the back of the church he listened to Bob praying, or attempting to pray. “God I can’t do this, you know I’m not that strong, I can’t go on God……please let me die.”

Henry saw a video playing in his own spiritual mind, of Bob and his family years ago, and during a happier time. There was Bob, and his wife Sarah. They had two daughters, Katie and Madison. Henry saw many years of Christmas celebrations, all within a matter of seconds. Presents were unwrapped, there were pictures and Christmas trees.

That is, until Sarah got sick. As the girls went off to college, Sarah had a long painful, agonizing, downhill slide for more than 5 years. And that’s when Bod started drinking, unable to cope.

And now last week, Katie had died in a car accident when her car slid off the road and ran into a tree. Even worse there had been alcohol in her blood. So now Bob really did want to die.

Henry decided on his approach, as he took a deep breath, becoming visible as a priest, yes a Vietnamese priest. Bob was sobbing now, unable to speak.

Henry noticed the beautiful wood pews and walls, carved so beautifully, and stained glass windows, as he approached Bob. Henry lifted his head to heaven, and spoke a silent prayer. He dove in by clearing his throat, so Bob could hear him, and said, “Excuse me Bob……can I help you?”

To be continued this weekend.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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