Henry Vu – The Praying Man III


It was dark by the time Bob made his way back to the car, but a light was beginning to come on in his mind. It began with something Henry had said. Bob walked a little slower as he began to realize……..that Henry had mentioned Madison, his daughter. He said, “Madison really needs you now Bob…..like never before.” But Bob had never told Henry her name…..

Chills ran up and down his spine, as he reached for the door handle of his Chevy. “Wait!! How did he know my name??” “I never told him……(Bob was beginning to shake now) I never told him my name……” He was stunned.

He turned quickly back in the direction of the church, and found himself running, he had to know for certain about this Henry guy – was he really a priest……or something else?? Once he made inside the foyer, he stopped dead in his tracks, as he looked into the sanctuary.

He saw Henry kneeling, and he seemed to be praying at the altar. Bob was continuing to shake but he managed to stumble with one word…. “Faather???” Henry said nothing, but he faded slowly without moving, and suddenly he was gone completely from sight.

Henry knew the timing was important, and he was always amazed at how simple the technique of the “angel fade” was, and yet how powerful it was for people. Henry and Bob had talked for nearly 3 hours, but Bob needed just a little extra help. Henry knew he needed the supernatural to jump in, and take him to the next step.

“Dear God!!” was all Bob could say, as he sank to his knees. And he prayed right there, still in the foyer, like he had never prayed before. He prayed for help to beat the alcoholism, he asked that God would help him through the grief. And even asked forgiveness for wanting to take his own life. He prayed for so many things.

He had no idea where to begin. As he finished praying, he was wiping his face with a handkerchief, and he heard Henry’s voice. “Start by talking to Madison. She’ll guide you from there.”

He looked up but no one was there. Bob whispered “Thank you!” And as he left the church, he was beginning to feel a tangible presence. It wasn’t Henry, but it was a presence for sure, beginning to fill him, and for sure hope was born….


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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